Ten Pounds to Go: Six in Six

As Oz mentioned on his blog, I challenged him to a weight loss bet.  No prizes, but hey, isn’t weight loss prize enough?

I’m really happy to report that I’ve finally lost that one pound that’s been hanging on for, oh, two months.  After going dancing and realizing that I’m out of shape, I decided it was time to step into high gear.

I’m eating fewer snacks, I’m back to being really good with my low-processed foods, abundant vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, and I’ve added daily 1K walks with a baby strapped to my back.  I’m planning to double the walk duration every week until I’m at 4-5K nightly.  Oh and sit-ups.  I realized that my gut is not looking any better by just wishing.  True, I did have my stomach muscles cut apart, but that excuse is wearing thin.  Wearing fat?  You see the point.

Pre-baby, I always fought 10-15 pounds.  I never let myself buy the bigger size of pants and I swear that’s what kept me from weighing 400 pounds.  Recall that I used to regularly eat, as a snack, an entire summer sausage.  I can’t believe my arteries haven’t already given out from all that saturated fat.  Even when I was thin, I wasn’t healthy.  I ate junk frequently and nearly never exercised.

Happily, Amy joined the fight and we’re all going to be keeping each other on task for the next six weeks.

So the challenge is on.  I weighed 149 as of Sunday.  I will be posting updates.  Who’s with us?

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