Okay, so if you don’t know me well, and you’ve stumbled on this part of the site…brace yourself.

I’m an ultranerd. Yes, that picture on the left is of me- with Magic the Gathering cards in my hand- please also note how serious I am. The guy to my left is Gregory, my brother. As a team, we’ve only lost one game of cards- ever. Dueling, we’ve both been trounced in many tournaments.

In a casual conversation with my new boss once, he asked why I was taking vacation. I muttered something, realizing it might be career suicide to admit my nerdiness openly. Weeks later, when I admitted that it was a MTG tournament, he laughed and said, “well, at least you don’t still play Dungeons and Dragons or anything!” I laughed and said ha, ha…uh, no. Well, it’s true.

Don’ look at me that way! I don’t play D&D! RoleMaster is far superior! *sigh* Fine, I’m an ultranerd. I take the abuse from friends who call me “Lady Majestic” and assume I wear a cape.

It has never been said that I don’t have enough hobbies. I am a jack of all trades, master of none, but I love the new experiences! To the right is a table of my gaming friends.

What good is it to be an ultranerd if I don’t completely immerse myself? I may not wear a costume, but I have spent hours painting miniatures of my characters! My thanks to my good friend Oz for keeping me company and drinking beer with me while we painted.

Rilindor is my main character. He is half-elf, half-Rohirrim, and is a beastmaster (a semi-spell user). He has lycanthropy, or rather HAD lycanthropy, and as the story goes, he was bitten on the face. Note the four puncture scars that are raised and painted purple-red and white. In the head-on picture, you can see that the bite gash is even worse on his right side. His appearance score is 14, so he ugly! Note his hand hanging by a tendon; I still have some more work to do.

Hengia is a necromancer. Her race is Wose, a little-known Tolkein race also known as Pükelman. They are generally shy and are hunted for sport by some elves. Wose eyes glow red when angry, so I chose that for her grimace. I could not find a Wose mini, so I bought a dwarf and improvised! I especially like the full-sized pewter ale mug on a three-foot-tall Wose. “It comes in pints!?!”

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