My Wedding Day

Carlton and Nicole

Well, the party’s over, but the pictures are great! Planning a wedding gives me a new respect for each wedding I attend. I made a conscious decision that no matter what happened, I was going to enjoy every moment of the day. My family was tremendous with their support, running errands and doing favors. My sister, Wendy, ran the show (we touted her the Wedding Queen) with efficiency and a sense of calm that was awe-inspiring. Carlton helped keep me rational and focused on the right things: the two of us announcing our union before God.I have a ton of pictures that were professionally taken, but I agreed not to reproduce them. However, the photographer decided to stop taking pictures and I can pay a flat fee for all of my negatives. Once I do that, I will post the professional photos. For now, here is my favorite picture of the Three Kids from the wedding (My mom often refers to us as “the three kids”).

I don’t know how exactly to describe it, but I can just tell that we’re having a nostalgic moment. My dad, who took this picture, must have sensed it too.

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