Nine Pounds to Go- Five in Five!

This is an update on my challenge of Six in Six.  I was pretty nervous about the weight check, but I did it!

The only downside is that I worked hard. Really hard.  All week.  I was fastidious with what I ate and I strapped Ainsley in a backpack for a 1.5-mile hike every night.  I added in some strength training, too, mostly crunches to salvage my poor dilapidated abs.

So this challenge is going to be even harder than I thought.  However, my health improves with every good decision.

Oz and Amy, how are you guys doing?  While on a brisk walk Saturday night, my mother-in-law decided to join the fight.  She’s accepted the challenge of five pounds in five weeks.  It’s not too late to join, people!  Who’s with us?

6 thoughts on “Nine Pounds to Go- Five in Five!

  1. Great to hear others are jumping on board! I was down three and back up one, but I’m sure it’s partly normal daily fluctuations. I’m confident I’m basically down two, so that’s good. You are right that it takes good decisions every day, several times per day!

    I put in almost five hours in the yard yesterday and I sure can’t do THAT much most days…

  2. Down 3, with the scale teetering on another pound down (well as much as a digital scale can teeter… it says 3.5). I’m doing pretty good about resisting temptation, though I may have drooled a little in front of the vending machine at work. 😉

  3. Well, I’ve found that pound I lost, plus one of its friends. So I need to lose THREE pounds this week to stay on task! This is my fault for the horrible Monday I had. 🙁

  4. I’ve found the best weight loss method to be a good parasite. Sounds awful, I know, but abstaining from Pringles for me was harder than tolerating a parasite!

    Good luck! Good for you! Thanks for reading my blog. I’ve sobered up (just jokes!) and today was much, much better. Toddlers make the Iranians look like push overs.

    Best, Lori

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