PreWar August 2005

My name is Hengia.  My people have heard ugly vibrations in the stones of our gods; tremors of earth moved by orc feet.  I am called to join any others who would seek to make things right.  I will use their stench of death agaist them, make their dead bodies dance and slash their brother’s throats…

All you inexperienced warriors, join me, Hengia of Golgothroc, in search of training and a good army. Gather at table on the seventeenth day after the new moon.

My name is Rilindor.  The deep bite scars on my face rage purple when I think of Sauron’s uruks belching forth from the orc hell we have endured.  My brothers and sisters at arms, gather your battle-weary soulstogether.  What he have seen thus far is only a skirmish compared to what lies ahead.  Our company will join the might of the Company of the Fallen Rose and we will defend Strayhold agaist this horror.

My siblings of war, gather with me and our fellow soldiers at the Castle on the seventh day past the second moon of the dry season.  We will wet the parched earth in a river of black blood…


I have heard the call and desire to meet to right these unfortunate wrongs with what ability I have at my disposal.  I would need to know where to meet and when on the seventeenth day after the new moon we should collect to show these fell forces that the Light of the Valar still shines here.

Alendoril, Apprentice to Master Rielandrim

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