There are lots of great websites with good advice.  I’ve included links below to some of the best.Faith’s BettaTalk  Proving once and for all that a sense of humor is needed!  Beautiful site!  Specializes in multicolor and TRUE Apaches.

Jeff’s Biosphere Great advice and lots of Opaques. Who knew a high school could breed such beauties?  The fish are quite sizeable.

IBC– Join to help keep our group more cohesive!  For Betta lovers and Breeders alike.

Some information may be conflicting, but breeders are supplying what works for them.  Fish raised in less-than-ideal water parameters can thrive if given proper attention and foods.

Bettas are wonderful fish, but care must be taken when selecting tankmates.  The flowing fins can be irresistable even for fish that aren’t normally nippy.  I was at a local fish store where I would stop to talk fish, buy live brine shrimp, and answer questions, when I spotted a Betta so nipped to death I felt sick.  Then I realized he was still alive!!  I spoke to the manager, and they gave me the fish to take home.  It was all I could do not to be rude, but I was stern.  You can see from this chilling picture the extent of the damage.  The poor guy could not even swim right, and I had to direct food at his mouth with a syringe.

Luckily this story has a happy ending.  I nursed him back to health with daily 75% water changes, frozen and flake feedings, and conscientious vacuuming of uneaten foods.  With fins this damaged, I did not want to take a chance of an infection.  I succeeded in not needing any medication; I try not to use it to avoid creating antibiotic-resistant disease.  As you can see from this picture just 12 days later, he already has fins of normal shape!  He is a spunky guy.  After 5 weeks of the regimen, he was back to full health and now has a planted 2.5 gallon aquarium of his own.

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