I Went to Puerto Rico and All I Got Was This Crummy Illness

My posts have been more and more scarce but it’s not because I’m not busy.  I have been running for weeks and never with enough sleep.  I’ve been in several conferences, which are exhausting.  I facilitate the activities so I have to do a lot of work before and after the meetings.

The last of these was in Puerto Rico.  I really enjoyed the conference and felt that I learned a lot and met some great people.  However, because of all of the last-minute work, I had only about eight hours of sleep all week.  During a team-building activity (kayaking), I developed a searing pain in my side.  I thought it was just because my muscles were not used to kayaking.  Then, after returning home, I developed a rash.

A quick trip to the immediate care center confirmed my fears:  I have shingles.  It ranges from annoying to terribly painful and I’m exhausted.  The worst part is that I can’t nurse the baby while on the antiviral medication.  I tried to pump but that felt like primitive torture.  Plus, the Benadryl that helps with the pain impedes my body’s ability to nurse a baby.  So suddenly, two months shy of my goal, I think I’m done nursing.  I think Ainsley’s gotten most of the benefit that she needs but I wasn’t ready for this, especially so suddenly.  It’s a miniature version of what people must feel when they’re at base camp of Everest and a huge blizzard means they have to cancel the climb.

I was supposed to be on vacation this week, cleaning the house and spending time with my little girl.  Instead I’m lying around and watching my house get messier, while my parents take care of my kid.


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