Charleston 2003

This was the first year my parents rented a place in Charleston for an entire month. We go to Charleston almost every year, and boy is it fun to mooch a vacation! You’ll notice that almost all of my vacations are the result of tagging along with someone. Every trip to New York City has been on business- someone else’s!

There aren’t many digital pictures from this trip. It was a very low-key affair.

This is the view from our window, and a picture of my parents walking down the cart path past the ocean to the putting green. It takes a special kind of crazy to walk past the ocean to go play golf! Life’s a little too long….

This is a picture of the deep sea fishing vessel coming in from a hard day at sea. It was rainy, the sea was choppy, and I had bruises all over my arms from hitting the railing. But my Dad and I toughed it out on the deck and fished all day together. He caught two huge fish on one line and had this very clever look on his face. I said, “Nicely done, Harter” and he beamed. It’s my fondest memory of the trip.

While the other two members of our party recovered from their fun day of seasickness (and perhaps a touch of a hangover), Dad and I set to work on the fish.

I made Alton‘s Red Snapper en Papillote. There is nothing compared to catching your own meal and preparing it with fresh vegatables, and then serving it to five of your closest friends- in my case, my family.

Hey, all that cooking would make anyone tired!

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