Maltese Gallery

Our family has been fond of the Maltese dog since our first dog, Cindy. After Cindy’s death, my sister brought home Lolly. A couple of years later, Sunny was my Christmas surprise. While it’s not advisable to bring a new pet home during the holidays, I had already purchased all supplies and was just searching for the right dog.Lolly died in a freak accident involving heavy shelving. The only disadvantage of this breed is that its tiny size makes it susceptible to accidents. Three months later, Toby became my sister’s new companion.

In 2000, Wendy and I returned the favor and brought Addy home for our parents.

My next maltese, however, will be a rescued pet. There are too many animals who need love to buy one. Look at all the sweet dogs on this

Calendar Girls

Addy at 3 months

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