Video Clip Attempt

Went back to work Monday. I feel pulled in too many directions: job, Ainsley, husband, diet, pets, cooking, laundry, cleaning, et cetera. I am sure things will become better, but for now I am ready for a nice hot bath and an afternoon to myself.

My mobile phone has a pretty good still camera, but the video is really pixellated. We’ll see if this works! Let me know if it’s too garble-y to be worth watching. Note that the suggested videos are of famous Ainsleys, both fiction and nonfiction. I think that sounds like a good band name: The Famous Ainsleys.

Here Come the Mummies!

Last time the Mummies were in town, I was carrying an extra human around with me, so I didn’t attend the show. I wasn’t going to miss this one! If you’ve never heard of the Mummies, they are a dynamic funk band with fantastic live shows. They are the height of kitsch: they not only sing every single song as a double entendre, they perform in full costume every time. I wouldn’t recognize them if they were out of their mummy garb! I never thought I’d like funk, but these musicians are great fun to watch and they are very talented as well.

So we dressed up, found a babysitter, and headed to the Vogue. Our usual ticket connection guy was MIA. We called him on our way, only to find he wasn’t able to attend the show…for the first time in years. As we arrived at the Vogue, I saw a sad little sign that read “Mummies- tonight- Sold Out :).” Oh no! We didn’t even think of that! So we hung around outside hoping someone would have tickets. We weren’t the only ones. This guy and his I Dream of Jeannie date had elaborate costumes but no tickets. Groups of us loitered, hoping for the best.

As we waited, some people in zombie costumes wandered past the Vogue. They were playing the zombie part very creepily. A minute later, a guy dressed as Michael Jackson (pre-plastic surgery and skin bleaching) wandered past. We joked he might break into Thriller. Then, about 20 yards past the Vogue, a car pulled up, opened its windows, and out blasted Thriller! The zombies and “Michael” broke into the Thriller dance. It was hilarious and well done. Even some of the Vogue staff stopped by to cheer and clap. After the dancing finished, “Michael” announced that he had extra tickets! We cheered, rushed over, and bought two.  A crowd clamored for the tickets and we all congratulated each other on our good fortune.

The Show OpensWe ran to the Vogue entrance as an entourage of ecstatic fans.  The drumbeats of Do You Believe had just begun.  We didn’t miss a thing!  The performance rocked as always.  The crowd sang every word, and fans who’d never met were singing to each other and the band.  The costumes were wild (Michael and gang were just the beginning) and everyone was having a great time.

It wasn’t their best show to date, but it delivered energetic funk in a great atmosphere.  I’m glad to see that this band that used to play at the tiny, now defunct Patio is now packing the Vogue full.  They announced that they’ll be rocking the Vogue on New Year’s too- a first- they usually play in Tennessee that night.  Oh, and TiVo Big Shots this week- they have a song on the soundtrack!

New Year’s Eve, here come the Mummies fans!

How to Be Crazy: Hoarding

While out for Ainsley’s two month checkup, I walked past this vehicle.  The picture does not do it justice.   It is piled to the roof with stuff.  Not just junk, not just trash, but  anything that would fit into the car.   Looking through the windshield, I saw that the garbage in the front passenger seat has started to creep into the driver’s seat, and the plastic bags/fast food empties have a person-shaped hole in them for the driver.

What drives someone to this level?  Sure, I’ve thrown a few things in the back seat; I’ve found french fries a month after they went missing.  When does it go from that to having to shove the garbage out of the way to drive?  And forget checking the blind spot.

I wanted to stick around to see what kind of person drove the vehicle, but it would not have made me feel better.  Plus, poor little Ainsley had just had a tough appointment: her first vaccinations.  She went from content little girl to dark purple and screaming in one second flat.  After we redressed her and comforted her for a few minutes, she was OK, but I wanted to go home quickly so I could rock her more.  She’s been fussy and sleepy all day since.

She’s gained three ounces since her visit Friday.  Everybody’s all relieved and happy, including her new pediatrician.  Well, everyone but me.  She’s only gained a net of nine ounces in 30 days (she should have gained 20-30).  I am feeling good about her new bottle and about her progress this week, but it doesn’terase her painfully slow growth.  The doctor did say that a formula supplement would not help things; that indicated to me that he’s confident she’s doing well as is.

Neither the doctor nor Carlton will let me have her weighed in a week.  Where’s the crime in a weight check?  If she’s doing great, I will feel much better.  If she’s the same, well, I won’t be any more worried than I already am.  I do think that the new bottle is working wonders, but I want hard data.

Enough of this.  Off to feed the kid.

“Four Things” Meme

Again, from Chubby Chick. I think that these free-form ones are definitely harder to complete:

Four Things I’ve Never Done:
1. Been to Asia
2. Gone rock climbing (though I don’t think I ever want to do it, either)
3. Thrown a drink in someone’s face (but it sounds like a great little bit of melodrama!)
4. Stopped everything and worked on my drawing/painting skills

Four Things I’ve learned in the last year:
1. Nothing packs on the pounds faster than a queasy stomach- I ate constantly!!
2. My capacity to love is much greater than I ever thought.
3. Having a kid is both easier and harder than expected.
4. My mom is a saint for raising three kids.

Four Jobs I’d Love But Will Probably Never Have:
1. Head of the EPA- I once asked my dad what his dream job for me would be.  He picked this one.  I’ve always been flattered and wished I could do it.
2. Full-time artist- yeah, that will never happen.  My paternal grandmother had lots more talent than I, and even she had to give up art school (though she gave it up because of the Depression and I was never accepted to any art school).
3. Aquarium shop owner (though considering the state of my aquaria right now, I’d fire myself!)
4. Academy award-winning actor- for the cash!  Would hate the ‘razzi, though.

Four Jobs I’ve Actually Had:
1. Beverage flavor chemist- SO much fun! I mostly worked from finished recipes, but sometimes I could play around and make something new. 2. Nanny- I adored the kids.  The oldest one and I became pretty good friends.  She was ten and I was 16.  I told her she was one of my best friends and she said, “you’re weird.”  I still laugh about that.
3. Dog sitter (just once, and they didn’t pay very well!)
4. Corn milling chemist- not only was it educational, it was a look into the food industry.  Made me not want to eat products made with corn syrup.  Ick.

If you’d like to participate, feel free. But if you do, please let me know so I can check out your answers! 🙂

Animal Abuse in Puerto Rico

I don’t know if this article made me more mad, sad, disgusted, or what. I guess I’m not surprised that a place that promotes cockfights would also have little respect for pets; however, I hate to make it sound like Puerto Rico is unique. We here in the continent are often no better.

One of the worst parts is, in a country where so many pet animals are killed at shelters, these pets were actually in homes with people (albeit against their lease policy) and had a chance at life.

Also disgusting is the ‘tude of the guy in charge of the shelter that allegedly killed the pets. He said:

They can’t prove that they are the same dogs that we picked up.

Good job, sir, on your choice of words. Nothing screams guilt like “you can’t prove it.”  It’s a fantastic defense from a criminal mastermind.

Meme, Meme, Meme, Meme, Memly Meme Meme Meme

Found this via Chubby Chick’s blog:

My secret names:
1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet’s name and current car)
Cindy Lexus
2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie)
Chocolate-Covered Cherry Wreath
3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal)
Yellow Fish
4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (Last 3 letters of my sister’s name and first two letters of my mom’s name; use whatever names you like also and where they came from)
EndyMa (That one is no good, though- If I switch them, it’s LynWe.  Better!)
5. SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink)
The Green Wine
6. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)
Eli Dwight
7. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter)
Steir Seattle
8. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower)
Autumn Calla
9. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”)
Cherry Jeansie (T-Shirty sounded blah)
10. HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree)
Oatmeal Palmetto
11. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”)
The Aquarium Cloud Tour

Fauxtoberfest 2007 Update

Those are NOT all my empties!This is apparently a busy weekend for most people I know! We only had a crew of three to attend the Fauxtoberfest for Tuxedo Park Brewers.

We all expected it to be in a park somewhere in Fountain Square, but it was actually in someone’s yard! I felt like I was crashing a private party. We ordered beers and chilis and ate and drank in the cool, crisp weather. They offered free two ounce tastings, so I indulged my palate.

Blackout Stout- This was my last beer of the evening. I love stouts and this one was delicious. The person pouring had likened it to a Young’s Double Chocolate, but I thought it was less overly sweet and offered a roastier flavor, with notes of coffee and toasted marshmallow. I’d drink this as dessert.

Dog Days Cream Ale- This had been named “Cream Corn,” but the brewers decided that evoked a rather unpalatable dish served by lunch ladies. Carlton suggested “Corn Dog” was a better name yet. The beer was smooth and creamy, with a mouthfeel similar to Boddington’s. Made with Indiana sweet corn, it was a great ale for a Hoosier brewer. Delicious and mild with a candy-like aftertaste.

Flat Tire Amber- I was expecting something like Fat Tire. This beer was nothing like Fat Tire. It was crisp and a little too boozy, with none of the buscuit character I expected. It was a perfectly good Amber, but not my favorite beer of the night. Midwest Supplies markets a Fat Tire kit called Flat Tire already, so maybe this one’s up for a name change also.

Big Buck Oatmeal Stout- Chewy and hearty, this was my favorite beer of the night. It was a great beer for a fall afternoon. Nutty and delicious, the stout delivered big flavor in a beer best sippe, not chugged. Best drunk while socializing around a quiet fire.

Wrecking Ball Robust Porter- At least I think it was Wrecking Ball. I couldn’t read the small print on the tap handle. It was a porter, in any case. I didn’t think this was a special beer; just drinkable and easygoing for a porter.

Raspberry Wheat- I only had a small taste (still not eating wheat).  This wasn’t on the menu but was very good. I dislike fruit beers as a general guideline. I always wonder- how bad/boring is the beer that it had to be hidden behind fruit? This was bursting with raspberry and apple notes, but wasn’t stickily sweet. The beer was straw colored. That’s usually a sign that the fruit flavor came from an extract instead of the actual fruit. As a beer purist, I should (and usually do) dislike the use of flavorings; however, this was the perfect way to have berry flavor without adding sugar or making the beer pink.

The Tuxedo Park crew had outdoor games, tables, a free cream soda tap, a fire pit, and a CD mix that brought back my college days.  In fact, the whole party had the feel of a college house party…but with better beer.  The brewers I met were really nice and we talked homebrewing for a long time.  They offered to let me watch an all-grain brewing session so I could see what it’s like.

Where can Tuxedo Park beer be purchased?  Uh, I don’t know.  I forgot to ask that one!

Phantom Pain from Mobile Device?

Sadly, I think I have this affliction.  It started when I was pregnant- it felt like my leg muscle was twitching so fast that it felt like vibration.  Because there are so many weird side effects of pregnancy, I just assumed I had some odd muscle twitch and thought no more of it.  However, it didn’t go away once I was no longer pregnant.

I stumbled onto this article, and it describes me.  I might be addicted to txting.   I send 10-20 daily.  Sometimes, it’s just easier than email.  In the case of one of my very busy friends, I just text “call me” and I receive a callback when she’s free, instead of potentially interrupting a meeting with my silly phone call about this Sunday’s coupons.

But now that I might have a neurotic twitch I am rethinking my mobile dependency.  Maybe I should leave my phone on the charger a day or two a week.  Stop being so immediate.  Cease relying on my phone for my extroverty social-fix needs.


Thoughts on Eight Weeks

The picture’s just from my phone so it’s not that great, but I can see that she’s growing. (And yes, her cowlicks are still there and they are wilder and wilder.)

This has been the strangest eight weeks of my life. I thought I was never going to be a parent. I had put it out of my mind and was very happy with my hobbies, my family, and my friends. I thought I might adopt someday. God and chance decided differently.

I totally fell in love with her when I saw her. I knew I’d love her but I didn’t realize how much. How can I describe it? It wasn’t just that I loved her. Meeting her increased my capacity to love. I love Carlton more, value my friends more, and grew even closer to siblings, my Dad, and my best friend, my mom. I realized Mom’s and Dad’s immense sacrifices that they made for us in a whole new way.

I cried a lot in the beginning and I’m still more prone to tears than a junior high school student. I would honestly do almost anything, sacrifice almost anything, if it helped her. I haven’t given up on nursing despite the repeated difficulties I’ve had. Her weight is still a struggle, but the appointments from Monday seem to be making a difference. I feel a sense of sad joy when she outgrows an outfit: sad because I know I’ll never again see her in that phase again; joyful because she’s gaining weight and I’m excited to see her little personality develop.

The other surprise is that I didn’t lose myself, though. I miss my free time and especially my friends, but what little time I do have, I do like to spend in the same ways. I’ve brewed beer, hosted football parties, and haven’t missed an episode of Heroes yet. I don’t want to curl up with her and shut out the whole world. That suffocates her and stifles me as well.

Ainsley doesn’t define me; she just betters me.