How to Be Crazy: Hoarding

While out for Ainsley’s two month checkup, I walked past this vehicle.  The picture does not do it justice.   It is piled to the roof with stuff.  Not just junk, not just trash, but  anything that would fit into the car.   Looking through the windshield, I saw that the garbage in the front passenger seat has started to creep into the driver’s seat, and the plastic bags/fast food empties have a person-shaped hole in them for the driver.

What drives someone to this level?  Sure, I’ve thrown a few things in the back seat; I’ve found french fries a month after they went missing.  When does it go from that to having to shove the garbage out of the way to drive?  And forget checking the blind spot.

I wanted to stick around to see what kind of person drove the vehicle, but it would not have made me feel better.  Plus, poor little Ainsley had just had a tough appointment: her first vaccinations.  She went from content little girl to dark purple and screaming in one second flat.  After we redressed her and comforted her for a few minutes, she was OK, but I wanted to go home quickly so I could rock her more.  She’s been fussy and sleepy all day since.

She’s gained three ounces since her visit Friday.  Everybody’s all relieved and happy, including her new pediatrician.  Well, everyone but me.  She’s only gained a net of nine ounces in 30 days (she should have gained 20-30).  I am feeling good about her new bottle and about her progress this week, but it doesn’terase her painfully slow growth.  The doctor did say that a formula supplement would not help things; that indicated to me that he’s confident she’s doing well as is.

Neither the doctor nor Carlton will let me have her weighed in a week.  Where’s the crime in a weight check?  If she’s doing great, I will feel much better.  If she’s the same, well, I won’t be any more worried than I already am.  I do think that the new bottle is working wonders, but I want hard data.

Enough of this.  Off to feed the kid.

5 thoughts on “How to Be Crazy: Hoarding

  1. There is someone at my apartment complex who displays similar hoarding behaviors. I sometimes stand in the parking lot gauking in his car because it’s just so astounding. It’s really quite an impressive accumulation, if you ignore the fact that it’s mostly trash. Very odd neurosis.

    My Mom told me that when I was a baby and she took me to the doctor for my first vaccinations, she asked my brother to sit in a nearby waiting area. After I’d gotten my shots, he heard me crying and came storming the room asking what was going on. Hee 🙂

  2. Amy- that post made me feel so sad! At least those poor guys had been rescued. The frustrating part is that somewhere, someone’s hoarding pets, and we don’t know where or how to save them. I wonder if the car hoarder is just the first step toward pets.

    Mymsie- that story about your brother is adorable! My older brother was very protective of me, too, though more so in high school and college.

  3. Over my PA system:


    If you lived near me at IU, you’d understand. And you’d know why I think that car, while sad, has not yet begun to plumb the depths of hoarding. I’m not even kidding.

  4. oops. did not mean to leave the first one. here is my real reply. I know from experience the weight gain thing is hard but hang in there. Matt went a whole month gaining only a few oz, if any. We all freaked but he got back on track with some extra attention. Meghan was a slow gainer also. I spent many weigh ins with tears in my eyes, wondering if I should just hang up nursing, lots of self doubt etc — so trust yourself and your pediatrician, take a few deep breaths and enjoy your beautiful baby (hey it could be worse, you could be worrying about 2 babies!)


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