Fauxtoberfest 2007 Update

Those are NOT all my empties!This is apparently a busy weekend for most people I know! We only had a crew of three to attend the Fauxtoberfest for Tuxedo Park Brewers.

We all expected it to be in a park somewhere in Fountain Square, but it was actually in someone’s yard! I felt like I was crashing a private party. We ordered beers and chilis and ate and drank in the cool, crisp weather. They offered free two ounce tastings, so I indulged my palate.

Blackout Stout- This was my last beer of the evening. I love stouts and this one was delicious. The person pouring had likened it to a Young’s Double Chocolate, but I thought it was less overly sweet and offered a roastier flavor, with notes of coffee and toasted marshmallow. I’d drink this as dessert.

Dog Days Cream Ale- This had been named “Cream Corn,” but the brewers decided that evoked a rather unpalatable dish served by lunch ladies. Carlton suggested “Corn Dog” was a better name yet. The beer was smooth and creamy, with a mouthfeel similar to Boddington’s. Made with Indiana sweet corn, it was a great ale for a Hoosier brewer. Delicious and mild with a candy-like aftertaste.

Flat Tire Amber- I was expecting something like Fat Tire. This beer was nothing like Fat Tire. It was crisp and a little too boozy, with none of the buscuit character I expected. It was a perfectly good Amber, but not my favorite beer of the night. Midwest Supplies markets a Fat Tire kit called Flat Tire already, so maybe this one’s up for a name change also.

Big Buck Oatmeal Stout- Chewy and hearty, this was my favorite beer of the night. It was a great beer for a fall afternoon. Nutty and delicious, the stout delivered big flavor in a beer best sippe, not chugged. Best drunk while socializing around a quiet fire.

Wrecking Ball Robust Porter- At least I think it was Wrecking Ball. I couldn’t read the small print on the tap handle. It was a porter, in any case. I didn’t think this was a special beer; just drinkable and easygoing for a porter.

Raspberry Wheat- I only had a small taste (still not eating wheat).  This wasn’t on the menu but was very good. I dislike fruit beers as a general guideline. I always wonder- how bad/boring is the beer that it had to be hidden behind fruit? This was bursting with raspberry and apple notes, but wasn’t stickily sweet. The beer was straw colored. That’s usually a sign that the fruit flavor came from an extract instead of the actual fruit. As a beer purist, I should (and usually do) dislike the use of flavorings; however, this was the perfect way to have berry flavor without adding sugar or making the beer pink.

The Tuxedo Park crew had outdoor games, tables, a free cream soda tap, a fire pit, and a CD mix that brought back my college days.  In fact, the whole party had the feel of a college house party…but with better beer.  The brewers I met were really nice and we talked homebrewing for a long time.  They offered to let me watch an all-grain brewing session so I could see what it’s like.

Where can Tuxedo Park beer be purchased?  Uh, I don’t know.  I forgot to ask that one!

2 thoughts on “Fauxtoberfest 2007 Update

  1. Thanks for posting at my blog. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to Fauxtoberfest; I was actually in Columbus. I can’t say that I recognize you from the photos on your site, though it looks like we used the same church for our weddings. Drop me an email sometime.

  2. hey, thanks for the kind words! the razz wheat had about 4 pounds of frozen rasberries that were run through a juicer. we used fresh whole rasberries in the past and ended up with clogged up dip tubes and chunky beers, so we juiced it and it worked a ton better. the flat tire, well, i have no idea what happened to that one. we made it over the summer and it was right on fat tire. this time i think we had some chilling issues so the hops sort of took over. we may have used a different yeast as well. the blackout has sort of become our signature, and we’ve been fiddling with the recipe over the last 14 months or so. we cut a bit of the sweetness out this time and i was pretty happy with this batch.

    the next time we brew i’m going to try and get the beer geeks to post it for anyone interested.

    thanks for coming,


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