Phantom Pain from Mobile Device?

Sadly, I think I have this affliction.  It started when I was pregnant- it felt like my leg muscle was twitching so fast that it felt like vibration.  Because there are so many weird side effects of pregnancy, I just assumed I had some odd muscle twitch and thought no more of it.  However, it didn’t go away once I was no longer pregnant.

I stumbled onto this article, and it describes me.  I might be addicted to txting.   I send 10-20 daily.  Sometimes, it’s just easier than email.  In the case of one of my very busy friends, I just text “call me” and I receive a callback when she’s free, instead of potentially interrupting a meeting with my silly phone call about this Sunday’s coupons.

But now that I might have a neurotic twitch I am rethinking my mobile dependency.  Maybe I should leave my phone on the charger a day or two a week.  Stop being so immediate.  Cease relying on my phone for my extroverty social-fix needs.


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