I WON!!!

I didn’t want to say anything ahead of time, but I’ve been trying to find good tickets to an INXS show somewhere, anywhere. My husband has been wanting to plan a dive trip to swim with the manatees for several years and February is the best month. So, I started looking for tickets in Florida.

And I won the auction. The tickets aren’t in hand yet, so I’m nervous about posting this, but I’m doing it anyway. I am far too excited to hold this inside. I’ve been waiting eight years for this! They are fifteenth row, so not great seats, but good ones nonetheless. Thanks to Kim, who sold me the tickets. Please send Positive Mental Energy (PME) her way! I am incredibly excited.

Have I mentioned I’m excited? I feel 16 again.

Let’s not forget that my wonderful husband is driving hundreds of miles to Florida to go to a concert where he’ll see his wife acting like a maniac. He likes INXS enough that he had almost all of their albums post-Shabooh Shoobah, but I’m afraid because he’s never seen me quite this excited. I was dancing on our coffee table- completely sober- just for hearing the album.

Have I mentioned I’m excited???

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