Fear of Girls…wait, I’m a Girl!

When I saw this video, I had about 20 reactions. It’s funny, for sure, and well done. However, sometimes the truth hurts, and I’ve said some of the quotes from the film. If I can’t laugh at myself, then I have ignored my best source of humorous material!

The sister-in-law ruins it with poor acting. All of her scenes were bad, except the dinner table one where she doesn’t speak. I was nearly laughing out loud at that. Maybe partly the situation, and partly the fact that most religion’s prayers sound eerily similar.

I don’t appreciate the implied celibate-homosexuality, because it’s just one of those few topics I don’t find funny. Maybe because too many people from all walks of life are having serious struggles with it and my compassion for them overrides the humor.

The Gen Con shirt and other touches indicate that the filmmakers really know their subject matter, and as such, must have been gamers at some point. Every hobby has its extreme members. Gamers are one of the easiest comedic targets. But we aren’t all the same…