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I’ve been using this for years. Amy and I were messing with dry ice and we colored the water blue for amusement. I always laugh at fake chemists with brightly colored solutions. Even in a wet chem lab, most solutions are colorless other than indicators.

Anyway, is my avatar my “brand” or should I update it? I mean “brand” as in Kellogg’s, not a hot iron.

7 thoughts on “My Avatar

  1. The cool thing about your current avatar is that it conveys that you’re smart… it’s kind of nerdy but not in the basement dweller kind of way. That or it says you’re a mad scientist, which is cool also.

  2. I fooled around with Manga and it just looked creepy to me. Like me, but a Barbie doll version. No, more like Bratz doll version.

    The only thing wrong with the current avatar is it doesn’t show what I look like, but I guess lots of people don’t even use their own picture.

  3. I like it too. It may not show your whole face, but it does nothing to hide the big grin on your face as you brew up your “chemicals.” I’m with Oz, it’s both cool and nerdy in an Evil-Geniuses-for-a-Better-Tomorrow kind of way.

  4. Except KNH is kind of a basement dweller (she just has a really cool basement), AND the pic is now admitted to be semi-staged, though she did really work in a lab and set things on fire.

    I like the pic though! 🙂 Just not sure it counts as branding. Not like I even have an avatar here though…. I usually use a rabbit sleeping on barbells in other forums.

    Got any pics from when the drawstring broke?

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