History in the Making

As McCain chooses a female running mate, Sarah Palin, and the Democratic nominee is African-American, we are about to see history.

It is virtually guaranteed that there will be a minority elected to the White House, assuming that a third political party doesn’t suddenly gain rampant popularity by November.

Finally. A minority in the White House. Our melting pot has finally melted all the way to the top.

To me, the most refreshing part is that I won’t vote for the Democratic candidate because of his race, or for the McCain ticket because there’s a woman on it. I’ll vote for the ticket that I think most closely upholds what I believe to be valuable.

I wanted McCain to win the primary eight years ago, along with Bradley as the democratic candidate. At the time I got neither. I’ll be closely watching the race to ensure I’m making the right choice, of course, but for now, I’ll just relish that yes, Virginia, there will be a minority in our highest offices.