History in the Making

As McCain chooses a female running mate, Sarah Palin, and the Democratic nominee is African-American, we are about to see history.

It is virtually guaranteed that there will be a minority elected to the White House, assuming that a third political party doesn’t suddenly gain rampant popularity by November.

Finally. A minority in the White House. Our melting pot has finally melted all the way to the top.

To me, the most refreshing part is that I won’t vote for the Democratic candidate because of his race, or for the McCain ticket because there’s a woman on it. I’ll vote for the ticket that I think most closely upholds what I believe to be valuable.

I wanted McCain to win the primary eight years ago, along with Bradley as the democratic candidate. At the time I got neither. I’ll be closely watching the race to ensure I’m making the right choice, of course, but for now, I’ll just relish that yes, Virginia, there will be a minority in our highest offices.

One thought on “History in the Making

  1. One way of seeing at this is there is so much chaos in the world that you maybe need some order. Best case here is that order helps in taking care of weak signals, signals that you usually can capture only when there is silence and peace around and inside you. If order is lived this way it is wortwhile it to vote for someone that represents it. But if order serves maintaining your status and keep you away from looking around, well, it means starting to die. And this is true for you as a person, for your family and finally for your community.
    Change is not necessarely always good, but the great advantage it brings inside is that you are forced to live your life and to see at what is around you with new eyes, restarting using a piece of your heart you were using at the time it was all new for you. And if you decide for the change, for positioning your north pole somewhere else, you could discover that you were right because, yes, you are now living in a better world!!

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