Sunny Post-Op Part II

The biopsy from Sunny’s latest surgery revealed that the tumor was cancer.  Stage II cancer, and there are three stages.

The vet thinks that they did get all of the cancerous growth; however, he wants to check her lymph system just to be sure.  She’s scheduled for this procedure on 21 December and we should have results a week or two later.

Her demeanor is so good.  She has no idea what’s up.  I wonder if she feels better now that the tumor is gone, or if it had any effect on her at all.  I’m giving her lots of love and that’s all I can do for now.

Considering my pet’s mortality is difficult.  I struggled with euthanasia for my fish, for crying out loud, so it’s going to be even harder for my dog who has been with me for 11 years.  Right now I’m thinking that if the cancer is in her lymph system too, then chemo is our only option other than allowing it to progress.  Chemotherapy for a dog doesn’t seem like something I want to do.  She will feel miserable and not know why.  I don’t want to extend her life just so I feel better, either.

I will update as we learn more.

3 thoughts on “Sunny Post-Op Part II

  1. Not to try to convince you one way or another, but I think chemo in dogs doesn’t have all the side effects that it does in people. It might really be a reasonable choice.

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