30 to Go

The pounds aren’t melting off like they once did, but I’m still losing weight. My doctor was pleased to see my progress. Now that I’m starting to eat more foods, I have to be careful to add good stuff before bad. For instance, some potato chips, left over from watching football Sunday, are staring at me seductively from across the room.

My most recently added food was bananas. Next is another fruit or a vegetable. NOT delicious salty-finger-licking-good fatty fried goods. *sigh*

4 thoughts on “30 to Go

  1. [quote comment=””]Resist the siren call of the devil Pringles! At least one of us is losing weight.[/quote]

    From the text I received today, it seems you’re still in the weight-loss ranks as well! Great job.

    And they were just regular chips. I think if they’d been Pringles I would have lost the battle.

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