Your Vote Matters! Oktoberfest Brewing 2007

I knew that between being pregnant and having a newborn, my usual huge brew party would be impossible.  This year’s Oktoberfest will be a much, much smaller version of previous years.  I’m thinking it will be a close group of friends, sipping brews on the back porch and watching the sun set.

There will be exactly two homebrews available, as well as that draught Shlafly Wheat beer that tastes like Bud Light.  The first brew will be a bottle-aged Belgian tripel, the same batch on which I’ve been working since April.  The second brew will be…


I am not able to do a three-hour, complex brew, but I can still brew a 20-minute kit.  Descriptions of each of these kits are at Midwest Supplies’ website.  Please vote, and you’ll score an invitation, too!

(PS, Amy– no cider kits exist.  I’ll buy you some though 🙂 )


6 thoughts on “Your Vote Matters! Oktoberfest Brewing 2007

  1. I’m not voting. You know my vote. If I vote, I will bring others to vote against my vote… I don’t want my vote defeated. So, know my vote as if it were voted.

  2. LBFH, you should vote- it’s anonymous. Plus, the recipe of the style for which you would vote is the same recipe that you said was good, but not as good as your favorite one of that style. So maybe you should vote for another style!!

  3. You know what I voted for! Mmmmmm… beer.

    And lbfh, I won’t vote against you… I’ve already voted. I won’t even recruit others to campaign on my beer’s behalf. Wiat a tick, that’s brilliant!

    Yes, only Oz would get more excited about a beer campaign than the presidential campaign.

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