Good Day, Bad Day: Still 40 to Go

Well, it’s like the title says.  Yesterday was a little of both. It started well; my sister made a nice healthful breakfast of eggs and toast for me.  I had cereal with dried berries and soymilk for lunch.  The baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule was relatively stable, which always helps.   But late in the day, with my helpers gone and my husband not feeling well, I crumbled.  I was tired, had no caffeine, and wasn’t sure I could make it upstairs to cook anything.  So I caved.

Carlton’s mom had brought us chicken salad and ham salad.  I was so happy that she brought food, especially for Carlton, since I am not cooking lately.  Sure, I’m not eating much meat at all, but the salads would make good sandwiches for Carlton.  That’s the theory, anyway.  I was so hungry and there was so nothing in the fridge that I caved and ate several enormous spoonsful of ham salad.  I really needed some protein and I was tired and my willpower was low.

(PS- I thought it was “spoonsful.” That’s what they taught me in school, anyway.)

The New Rig!I decided that I simply couldn’t be mad at myself for eating the most unhealthful thing I could find.  I drank lots of water to counteract the salt and realized that I couldn’t skip the evening walk!  I’m proud to say that I walked a whole mile instead of the usual half.  This was also my first outing with Ainsley and Sunny together.  Sunny did very well; I forewent her usual footwear because I thought the stroller was enough confusion for her without adding shoes.

Today, I’m totally without any baby help for the first time.  I am still having trouble with stairs so I’m limiting my trips.  Lunch was organic pasta with soyburger (OK, from a can, but still low fat and nutritious).  Ainsley’s napping and I’m feeling half well rested.  I’m feeling pretty good about things now.

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