Still…41 to Go?!?

OK, I’m eating healthfully, I’m drinking lots of water, and I’m walking 1-2K daily. But my weight won’t budge. In fact, it’s gone the wrong direction!

Before you start composing a cheery and encouraging comment to post, I’m totally fine with my lack of progress. Sure, I barely fit into my “skinny” maternity pants (just the term makes me laugh), but the fact that I’m doing everything right and also taking care of the nutritional needs of an entire other person…well, that’s enough for me.

AEB Three WeeksYesterday was week number three for the little girl. Here’s a picture; I think the blanket makes her look like a peapod. I look at pics to remind me of what the ultimate goals really is- healthy me, healthy baby!

I’m off to walk- hopefully the rain will stay at bay. I’ll take an umbrella just in case.

Baby Hair Cowlicks Plus Bedhead!

aeb_bedhead.jpgFirst of all, the word cowlick is kind of gross. I think the spelling should be changed to callic to remove the animal spit reference.

Second, Ainsley’s entire head is covered in cowlicks. One of them is exactly like Carlton’s; the rest just add together to make her hair look like a tempest. Mix in a nap and you have a big kewpie swirl on her head! This picture doesn’t do it justice.

Clerks directed by Kevin Smith

clerks.JPGIMDb link

Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this movie. Allow me to date myself: the first time I saw Clerks was as a poor college student; the movie was shown as part of a free movie series. It was projected onto a white sheet in an empty classroom; the start time was ten at night; admission was free. The atmosphere- complete with one-arm student desks- was addictive. The audience had an immediate bonding experience, and the fact that none of us had spent money meant that we felt free to laugh harder and quip about the movie. Watching free movies in classrooms, and two-dollar recent releases at the student union, nurtured my love of movies and is probably why I’m writing reviews now. The atmosphere does contribute to how one sees a movie; I’ve heard professional critics talk about the rest of the audience in the screening.

But I digress. I watched the movie again after over ten years, not knowing what to expect. It was fun ten years ago; would it be fun now?

Yes. The low-budget brilliance was just as funny. The pace was a bit slow in sections but the comedy played very well. Though I’ve only seen the movie twice, I could understand why it was a cult classic worthy of viewing over and over again. It is, of course, entirely implausible, but who cares? The film pushes the envelope just far enough to make the audience shocked into laughter.

All considered, I wasn’t as in love with the movie as I thought I would be. As I said, the pace was occasionally very slow; while it adequately conveyed the numbing pace of working in a convenience store, it wasn’t entertaining as an audience member. The acting is spotty in places, completely pulling me out of the experience.

This is the first three-star movie that I’m still highly recommending. It’s not the most entertaining epic of our time. But it’s part of the American pop cultural fabric, referenced repeatedly in television, print, and movies. I recommend that if you are thirty-something, you should watch Clerks and understand the brilliance of Kevin Smith.

[rate 3]

Your Vote Matters! Oktoberfest Brewing 2007

I knew that between being pregnant and having a newborn, my usual huge brew party would be impossible.  This year’s Oktoberfest will be a much, much smaller version of previous years.  I’m thinking it will be a close group of friends, sipping brews on the back porch and watching the sun set.

There will be exactly two homebrews available, as well as that draught Shlafly Wheat beer that tastes like Bud Light.  The first brew will be a bottle-aged Belgian tripel, the same batch on which I’ve been working since April.  The second brew will be…


I am not able to do a three-hour, complex brew, but I can still brew a 20-minute kit.  Descriptions of each of these kits are at Midwest Supplies’ website.  Please vote, and you’ll score an invitation, too!

(PS, Amy– no cider kits exist.  I’ll buy you some though 🙂 )


Good Day, Bad Day: Still 40 to Go

Well, it’s like the title says.  Yesterday was a little of both. It started well; my sister made a nice healthful breakfast of eggs and toast for me.  I had cereal with dried berries and soymilk for lunch.  The baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule was relatively stable, which always helps.   But late in the day, with my helpers gone and my husband not feeling well, I crumbled.  I was tired, had no caffeine, and wasn’t sure I could make it upstairs to cook anything.  So I caved.

Carlton’s mom had brought us chicken salad and ham salad.  I was so happy that she brought food, especially for Carlton, since I am not cooking lately.  Sure, I’m not eating much meat at all, but the salads would make good sandwiches for Carlton.  That’s the theory, anyway.  I was so hungry and there was so nothing in the fridge that I caved and ate several enormous spoonsful of ham salad.  I really needed some protein and I was tired and my willpower was low.

(PS- I thought it was “spoonsful.” That’s what they taught me in school, anyway.)

The New Rig!I decided that I simply couldn’t be mad at myself for eating the most unhealthful thing I could find.  I drank lots of water to counteract the salt and realized that I couldn’t skip the evening walk!  I’m proud to say that I walked a whole mile instead of the usual half.  This was also my first outing with Ainsley and Sunny together.  Sunny did very well; I forewent her usual footwear because I thought the stroller was enough confusion for her without adding shoes.

Today, I’m totally without any baby help for the first time.  I am still having trouble with stairs so I’m limiting my trips.  Lunch was organic pasta with soyburger (OK, from a can, but still low fat and nutritious).  Ainsley’s napping and I’m feeling half well rested.  I’m feeling pretty good about things now.