Marion County Property Taxes

I’m not sure how legislators in my state thought that this was a good idea.  But my taxes have nearly doubled and I have only three weeks to cough up thousands of dollars or I risk losing my home.

First, the inventory tax was eliminated.  Yes, that attracts business, but then the money has to come from somewhere, and the politicians decided it would come from individuals.

This article is a step in the right direction, but it’s probably just grandstanding that won’t actually provide any tax relief.  The article cites an average 34% increase; however, mine increased 90% and I have friends whose taxes increased a whopping 140%.  The thing I don’t understand is why my home, which is only three years old, has such a hike.  Supposedly the increases are to adjust to real market value.  Well, my taxes increased by 31% last year alone, then 90% this year.  Excuse me, but isn’t the market flooded with homes that won’t sell and home prices are dropping?

The good thing is that we have savings we can use, but why the enormous bill?  And why not steadily increase over a few years instead of all at once, with only 21 days to pay?

I’m not happy with legislators for doing this, not happy with Mayor Bart Peterson for waiting until the last minute to ask Governor Mitch Daniels to help, and not happy with My Man Mitch unless he springs to action.  All estimates are that he will do nothing.

I implore state politicians at all levels to help us and to devise a better solution.  I will not vote for anyone who didn’t do anything about this.  And don’t think I’ll forget by election day.