Happy Independence Day!

babaghanouj.jpgWe celebrated the all-American holiday by preparing mediterranean snacks and some yummy vegetarian versions of classics like beer brats, barbecue, and burgers.

All I made was baba ghanouj; I didn’t write my own recipe for this, as I’ve never made it and David’s a ghanouj aficianado. I used Japanese eggplant from my own garden (how’s that for a multicultural dish??). I used this recipe; the only adjustment I made was that I didn’t add any water. After squeezing the juice from the onion and eggplant, why would I add less flavorful water? Anyway, the crowd agreed that the dip was thick like hummus, but with nice, mild flavor. I’ll make the recipe again.
[rate 3.5]burger_shaping.jpg

Amy‘s shaping burgers in the snapshot. You can see Casper is standing attentively, waiting for scraps.

Thanks to Amy for bringing all the stuff and doing all of the cooking- I have been exhausted lately and it meant all I had to do was eat!

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  1. I cooked a couple of those patties later after they’d fully chilled and they were still soft in the middle. I think the trick is longer in the oven (I did that too) and make them really thin so the middle can cook better.

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