Look! I’m Holding a Doll!

knh_ebh.jpgNo, wait, that’s my niece. Not the most flattering photo of me, but I think it’s the first picture of the two of us. It was my dad’s retirement party with the whole family; mayhem ruled. We grilled, laughed, roasted (the guest of honor), and had a great time. I was assigned the high honor of taking care of little EBH. She’s about a month old in this photo. I diapered her and fed her and in general had fun with her.

Honor? To deal with a kid? Well, yes. Such a young baby isn’t terribly mobile and is terribly fragile. Her skin felt like paper and it was scary to button her dress. It’s an honor because, as many can attest, a mother of a newborn is very protective. Four weeks old is still tiny. I was the first person to ever feed her other than her mother, and that meant a lot to me.

Due to my heart condition, it was also exhausting. I spent most of the time sitting in a chair with her. But it was still great.  I’m looking forward to lots more sessions like that.

2 thoughts on “Look! I’m Holding a Doll!

  1. Yeah, not fun, but I’m out of the danger zone now. I have to be very careful about my activities in order to keep my heart rate in the right level. Hence the no gaming and low social life in general.

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