I miss gaming.

As my close friends know, I have had some significant health problems that have brought my social life to a near standstill. Things are looking better now but I’m still under doctor’s orders to “take it easy.”

I’ve had to stop all my gaming activities. It’s all fine with me because this “taking it easy” thing has really helped me feel better, but I remember a time when the gaming backpack- and my mini-painting set- were both wearing thin with use.

Now Gaming Season is about to start. Gen Con is weeks away…and I can’t attend. The gaming cabin- a group of close-knit friends from all over the country- is very iffy.

It’s definitely like that.A fellow blogger had been posting some hilarious motivation-style posters on his site, so I did a quick google search and found it. The posters had me laughing hysterically. Then I found the one at the right and it was so totally perfect for what it’s like, especially at the cabin. It even looks like the cabin.

With the impending changes in my life, who knows what my new groove will be. I don’t know how I am going to handle it all. But I will. And somehow gaming will be a part of it. I’ve already started mini-painting again, so hopefully things will continue to look better.

Because I miss gaming.

3 thoughts on “Gaming

  1. That does look remarkably like that cabin! Isn’t there some kind of
    low-impact gaming that we could do sometime? If you can’t travel
    then we can come see you at your house, ya know …

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