Fancy Shopping!

wal-mart_quote.jpgI received this as part of one of those over-forwarded emails full of pictures. Rather than continuing the inbox clogging, I’ll post some gems here. Oz, you may call Wal-Mart part of the evil empire, but clearly it’s because you are too jealous that you don’t meet the stringent dress code requirements.  : )

I love small town newspapers. Not only is this quote in there, but clearly someone wrote a Pulitzer-winning article about the newest store in town. Reminds me that despite all the sadness in the world, the simple things are still part of our culture. Ain’t that America?

One thought on “Fancy Shopping!

  1. Great quote! Reminds me of the reading the Seymour paper at the lunch table.

    I’m not sure if I’m jealous because I don’t have time to read such papers, or if I really am a bit disappointed that someone spent time writing and printing an article like this. Did it accomplish anything? Do the subscribers feel they are getting their money’s worth? Whenever I long for the “simple things” in a small town, I’m just reminded of the small-town closed minds I met. 🙁 Sorry, didn’t mean to rain on your happy post.

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