Alaska on My Mind

Packing!Since he never puts anything non-tech on his blog anymore, I guess I’ll pick up the slack.

One of Carlton’s long-time friends sent him a one-line email about three weeks ago. It said:

Want to go to Alaska?

That set in motion a flurry of activities. Carlton will be backpacking and fishing in Alaska for a week. Now, he had almost zero camping gear, so he had to borrow almost everything…and buy almost everything else. The audible groan you hear is our budget going down the drain.

I’m excited for him. This is the kind of trip that can change a person’s outlook. He has a new camera lens (remember that budget I mentioned? *groan*) that will take gorgeous panoramic pictures of some of the more beautiful wilderness in America. He’ll have his limits tested and he’ll have a great experience.

Me? I had my Alaska. It was called Hawaii. I’ll be spending the week having friends over for dinner and hosting overnight F1 guests. I have tons of house stuff I’ve been wanting to do, so that will be great too. But I will miss him a TON. I told him to come back in one piece…with no holes.

Bon voyage!

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