Steps in the Right Direction

Jesus’ BaptismAs the Easter season is more than just one day, the bible readings have centered around the acts of the apostles directly following Jesus’ death. Even if you aren’t Christian, the Acts are a fascinating look into the early formations of the church. This was history being made, history that has shaped billions of lives. One of the interesting parts of the readings was the difficulties that early Christians had in coming to agreement on some of the finer points.

Of course, those “finer points” have led to much splintering of the faith. It is understandable how different cultures and even different facets of the same culture can feel the need for different interpretations.

At church Sunday, the priest joyfully mentioned the following article. I was happy for many reasons. I have always felt that humans have worked harder at arguing our differences than at appreciating our common goals and beliefs. Second, the catholic Church was one of the eleven churches: so often, catholics are reviled as being resistant to change. Third, I was hearing this information from a Midwestern priest- by no means is the Midwest known as a hotbed of advanced thinking.

So to the eleven churches who saw our common beliefs and believed in unity: thanks.

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