Gas Prices are High – Hooray!

No, I’m not to-ta-lly crazy. Just mostly.

And sure, the news in this article is difficult to bear for some. I am especially compassionate for the working poor, who see few choices but many obstacles to being able to pay bills. And for those whose industry makes them at the whim of fuel prices, such as taxi drivers.

But for those of us living happily in our urban sprawl, buying ever larger SUVs or even sedans with plain old bad fuel economy, the joke is on us. And it’s nice to hear people trying to economize (finally). And the last time the gas prices shot up- in about 2001 or so- it sparked many consumers to look at more efficient vehicles. The push for green has led to more alt fuel vehicles than ever, and even to traditional gasoline cars with more petite frames and more efficient engines.

Let’s just say that you think global warming is a big conspiracy. Fine. But what would it hurt to consume less? It means more money to donate to other causes…even if the “cause” is a new stereo for yourself.

No, I’m not riding my bike to work. But I am carpooling. No, my car isn’t the most efficient on the road. But I refused to buy a vehicle that wasn’t alt fuel.

2 thoughts on “Gas Prices are High – Hooray!

  1. I’m THRILLED at the high prices. Of course, I’m immune at the moment with the diesel prices staying low. But I’m excited that people will actually consume less because they’re being forced to think about it.

  2. I overheard a couple of girls planning a weekend trip and being conscious of how much fuel they consumed. I smiled.

    Hey, it’s a capitalist world- go spend your money somewhere else!

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