Stop the Madnes’s

Why? Why? Why?It pains me that we’ve stopped caring about grammar. Some might argue that language’s evolution is necessary; I agree. However, sloppy language is not evolution; it is the grammatical equivalent of wearing sweatpants everywhere. Other bloggers agree that it’s time to take back our language. Oh, and seeing it on a billboard or in the Times doesn’t make it right either. It’s either some ad agency trying to seem colloquial and hip or it’s just rampant laziness. Humans were also responsible for the meters-to-feet conversion debacle that confounded our engineers and astronauts. The navigation system of my new car even says “please wait for the GPS to find it’s location.” ARG!

Though I’m growing tired of all of the witty Brits’ books, Eats Shoots & Leaves was a grammar revolution. Word nerds like me (like I?) can actually play fun grammar games as a result!

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