Rabbit and Cat

Check out these two… on the left is Baja (Mr. Kitty) and on the right is Silo (Nibs).  One would never think that a cat and a rabbit could be such good friends, but they are always together.  One of these days I’ll have my camera ready and I’ll take a picture of the two of them sitting at the dining room table in chairs across from each other.  It looks like they are having tea.

We also have another cat, Mini, named because he looked like a smaller version of our cat.  He was a stray that we found outside.  We fed him outside because he was skin and bones, gave him flea medicine, and tried to keep him alive outdoors.  Then one night, my husband said, “well, I better go feed the cats.”  Cats?  I looked at him and saw the sheepish grin.  He’d brought the cat indoors!  We fought over taking him to a shelter.  My effort to give up the cat was halfhearted at best.  After a few vet visits, his parasites were cleared, but he has FIV, so adopting him to another home is a tough sell.  I really dislike having him because we have to keep the cats segregated- Mr. Kitty could contract FIV if Mini bites him.  The chances are low, but it’s too much of a risk.

So I’ve been kicked out of my art room by a cat.  I just bought him a $200 litterbox so that maybe the room will be fresher (I cannot stand cat litter).  I’m also building a back room on the house so that maybe he’ll be able to be with people more- it seems like jail to lock him in one room most of the time.

I’m blathering now, aren’t I?  Well, aren’t blogs for boring topics anyway??  Hmph.

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