Four Brothers directed by John Singleton

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I need to start blogging more.  I can barely remember this movie though I saw it only a month or two ago.

What I can remember is a gritty (wow that word is overused), funny story about four men brought together by a foster home.  It has an Unforgiven  feel to it: each brother tries to deny his past.  In the end, the past helps define each one.

The acting is absolutely superb.  Mark Wahlberg had proved his range in Rock Star, but he works the screen very well here also.  Tyrese Gibson delivers a funny but poignant performance.

*editor’s note: sorry about all the clichés!*

The movie’s setting is in a poor neighborhood.  I grew up with the good fortune of not living in a place where I might be shot on any given day.  Seeing a neighborhood like that- even a fictional one- makes me not only realize my good fortune, but also makes me feel that I need to do more for kids like that.

There are several gun fights that feel very real.  My compliments to the director.

[rate 3.5]

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