World Peas

I am happy to see a message of peace amid so much animosity by so many countries. I am not staunchly one political party or the other, but my views do tend to lean in one direction. I am conservative but open-minded. Some peg me as a “Green Republican,??? but that’s too limiting. My core belief is that I think that central government should be limited as much as possible. I also think- in a manner that seems contrary to both parties- that open discussion of ideas is desparately needed. If we are the model of a Republic to the rest of the world, we should view our own behavior as a template.

So back to my original theme. I am not solely anti-war, as it is impossible to be rational with an irrational person. There are situations where force is needed. However, messages of peace resounding from the mouths of religious leaders, political leaders, and (dare I say) we hoi polloi…these messages can only serve to aid in a more peaceful world. The other thing I really like about the message is that it’s a religious leader chiding all religious leaders for failing to concentrate on peace.

So put your guns down on the ground/yeah, peace, it makes such a pretty sound.

4 thoughts on “World Peas

  1. I thought it was “Whirled Peas” … you know, like on those hippy bumperstickers “Visualize Whirled Peas”? Ah well, what do I know? I’m a war-mongering Republican with a bumpersticker that says “CAPTIALIST OPPRESSOR” on my car.

  2. There is also a “Whirled Peas” bumper sticker. I’m assuming that by “captialist,” you mean “capitalist.” And I think you should change your name to Grima Wormtongue.

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