Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much

After an intense gaming session on Sunday where my greed and push-the-button nature nearly had Athran killed and me turned to stone, we started perusing my website, my blog, and Oz’s blog for amusing information.

The GM was stationed at the computer (how shocking- the GM was deciding where we would go) and was complaining about the perils of having a website and especially a blog. He berated a couple of my blog entries and didn’t seem that enthused about our websites.

Then, after my ISO meeting tonight, I arrive home and my husband has news. My husband, the hardware/software guru, has helped my GM, the programming guru, to open his own little corner of cyberspace.

I humbly present to you: It’s just nuts and bolts for now, but I’m anticipating a Juggernaut of a site!

See, Gregory, I told you it was fun.

2 thoughts on “Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much

  1. I might point out that is now something more than just nuts and bolts: it’s my blog, has support for online Rolemaster characters, a custom RSS feed, an Item Vault, a Rating system to make sure content is appropriate for each viewer (something no other blog i have seen has), a forum for responding to web posts, sortable What’s New? list, and a completely custom look and feel, all written from scratch, by me, in PHP. Lots of functionality is coming as well, like ONLINE CHARACTER SHEETS, online dice roller, and a Strayhold online MMORPG (!!).

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