A Summary of My Week – 2011-06-26

  • It only took one molecule for my glass to go from half empty to half full. #
  • I have started and deleted this tweet four times because each was more vapid than the last. #
  • “@AEBale: After hourly complaints (eg too cold; hot; covers crooked), bounces out of bed & happily proclaims, "that was a short night!"” #
  • Wakeup call from a great man. “@cnnbrk: Sen. McCain slams GOP hopefuls' 'isolationism.' http://t.co/CtJUYxE” #
  • @turbidwater I think you mean the opposite; there is no one too poor to be kept INside God's love. He doesn't throw out anyone in reply to turbidwater #
  • Black light glitter nail polish…definitely my most productive Study Hall #
  • I am too excited. “@garywhitta: First pic of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit http://t.co/PQKLc4j” #
  • Ready for a N.I.T.E rider? #cuekitt #welcomebacktotheeighties #

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