A Summary of My Week – 2011-01-23

  • @aebale asked for "too many kisses." I happily obliged; she giggled, "that's too. Much. KISSES!" between peals of laughter. Life is good. #
  • Maybe non sequitur to the weather, but perfect: Écoute de Summertime de Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince sur mon #Sonos dans toute la maison #
  • Cool. “@playbill: Gale Harold, Kathy Najimy, @JesseTyler Ferguson, Among Players in L.A.'s Gay Ceremony Plays Jan. 24 http://t.co/t84Zxl3” #

A Summary of My Week – 2011-01-09

A Summary of My Week – 2011-01-02

  • White wine and funny movies and my two best friends under my roof. Aaaah. #
  • Bought NYE jacket that will segué into my steampunk costume. My trendy & nerdy sides are finally colliding like chocolate & peanut butter. #
  • Did anybody feel that #earthquake in #Indiana I was too far from the epicenter. #
  • Car stereo, first voice I heard today, said "wake up to a brand new day/to find your dreams have washed away." Great way to start 2011… #