A Summary of My Week – 2010-11-14

  • Can't legislate mindset. Next? Ban oil at groceries bc it's 100% fat? We need better diets but not removal of choice. http://j.mp/aRCV8A #
  • is trying to be cheerful but it just isn't happening. #
  • Need. http://yfrog.com/nf1exlj #
  • Love.“@NathanFillion: Plate armor is heavy. Cumbersome.Chainmail is best, thick leather close second.(layer silk underneath- impenetrable!)” #
  • is pressing a fresh pot of coffee in order to have any hope of making it through #ScottPilgrim tonight. #ithinkiamofficiallyold #
  • I spent 25 minutes running. 191. calories burned. #LoseIt #

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