A Summary of My Week – 2010-05-02

  • missed church for the last time. As I'm working on physical and intellectual health, I'm completing the picture with spiritual health. #
  • can't run my running app and my heart rate app at the same time. Neither one is all inclusive so I'm stuck! Life is so hard, whine whine. #
  • I spent 20 minutes running. 183 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • will be at my desk for two days out of four weeks. I'm either due for a raise or I'm about to be fired… you decide. #
  • wonders, if I don runnig clothes, then my kid takes 1.5 hours to eat dinner and we dint have time: does it count as a workout? #
  • I spent 30 minutes running. 343 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • can't stand Fridays. #
  • cooked, fed, chopped, brewed, cleaned. Time for Sherlock with friends. #
  • I spent 1 hour doing house cleaning. 137 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • Great song, @Matt Kanowith! Écoute de Only The Good Die Young de Billy Joel sur mon #Sonos dans toute la maison #
  • played, cooked, partied, cleaned, built, cooked, cleaned, ate, drank. Time for a movie with my hero fence-builders. #

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