A Summary of My Week – 2010-03-14

  • I weighed in and lost 1 lb. #LoseIt #
  • I spent 30 minutes on an elliptical machine. 276 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • went home sick. Migraine. Hope the meds work; Ainsley & I can go running tonight. I am so stretched at work it's literally making me ill. #
  • I spent 25 minutes on an elliptical machine. 201 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • I spent 5 minutes stretching. 9 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • I spent 2 hours doing house cleaning. 278 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • Top, down: check.
    Sun, setting: check.
    Wine, free: check.
    Music, cranked: check.
    Lavishing in solitude and company. #
  • is having a wild and crazy home-alone bachelorette weekend: taking naps and sorting old baby clothes. Try to keep up. #
  • This song reminds me of the theme for Gen Con Indy this year! #
  • If that was a cryptic status…this is evocative of the Gen Con Indy theme! Écoute de Teeth de Lady Gaga sur mon #Sonos dans toute la maison #

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