A Summary of My Week – 2010-02-14

  • wonders, do they make blue coffee?!? GO COLTS !! #
  • is amused by my priest in his hand-appliquéd, tie-dyed vestments. #
  • has 15 gallons of beer tapped; food ready; TV and projector on; all Sonos synced with the broadcast. It. Is. On. #
  • is lucky this is the last football game this year because I'm having a heart attack. #
  • nooooooooooooo #
  • says, see you next year, Colts. Love ya #
  • is watching shows. Not football. #
  • thinks the snow is making me listen to ballads and wax philosophic. And miss everyone, from Sunny to grandparents to friends near and far. #
  • "Oh Joey if you're hurtin', so am I." Tonight's earworm: "Joey" by Concrete Blonde on repeat. Currently on listen #13 /via @jasonbaldwin #
  • From Mal himself: RT @NASA Shuttle crew awoke at 4:14pET to theme song from "Firefly": The Ballad of Serenity /via @NathanFillion #
  • is relishing the beauty of a snowy winter and excited by the increasing daylight. Thanks, Robin W, for re-centering me. #
  • is laughing that the grocery's veggie section is overtaken by bouquets. Hey guys, if you don't buy them "just because," don't buy them now! #
  • is at Bistro 310 for dinner. #

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