A Summary of My Week – 2009-10-26

  • is enjoying the company of three great kids. #
  • is donating blood. Let it bleed… #
  • @gardengnome1 the microwave quiz is misleading! I use it to heat water & make rice, not to cook. I'd love to see how different cooks use it! in reply to gardengnome1 #
  • is enjoying Indian food with Ainsley, to be joined by friends in a minute. I miss my Khyati!!!!!! #
  • @gardengnome1 ha ha! I think to throw rice and water in a bowl isn't cooking but you are right LOL in reply to gardengnome1 #
  • doesn't understand why I have to shut up about my morals but nobody else does. #
  • I was broken without you. I'd rather be broken with you by my side.
    http://bit.ly/KgEXO #
  • @jasonbaldwin you sound like that Barbie who said "math is hard" šŸ™‚ in reply to jasonbaldwin #
  • is sauteeing mushroom, onions, and garlic as Uncle Bryan's sous chef for the highfalootin' tailgate. #
  • is headed to the tailgate with the Willetts. The weather is crisp and I love my friends; what a great day! #
  • is playing a lot of football and my forearms are sore. Mia, Mia! #

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