Would You Like Chips With That?

I’ve been under huge stress at work, and I’ve been leaning on everyone too much. I was working on a project only to find that someone threw away what I printed (even though I left them a message that I was printing it, and please don’t throw it away).

I’m stuck at work until at least eleven, if not midnight, as a result.

I made a political comment on a blog and got flamed. It hurts. All I wanted to do was start a discussion about viewpoints and it came out wrong. I even got flamed after I said I was sorry. I am a very sensitive person and I can’t take when people lash out at me.

I have barely seen my little girl this week, and next week will be worse. I’ve barely seen my husband and we miss each other.

So I went to the convenience store and bought a big jar of queso sauce. I ate the whole jar using tortilla chips, but mostly queso. Emotional eating, anyone?

6 thoughts on “Would You Like Chips With That?

  1. I’ve put a couple of pounds back on due to work-stress induced hunger. Part of us is wired to equate food with comfort. There’s even a section of the cafeteria of my company’s hq labeled “comfort food”.

    I know as bad as my stress is, yours is 5x worse, so I feel sorry for you. My stress is mostly hectic stress, even though some responsibility stress creeps in even though it’s not my location. You are getting socked hard with both flavors.

    Maybe some 12 ounce therapy will be in order?

  2. Awww, sorry you had a bad week. 🙁 Try to ignore the flamer. I know it’s hard – I’m very sensitive too but I’m sure whoever it is is being a butthead.

  3. Please don’t feel too flamed (I am a regular reader at J’s blog.) First of all, we all have those days and secondly, one comment does not a complete indictment make. As long as people are polite (which you were) and reasonably well informed (which you seem) chat on all sides goes well.

  4. Sympathy, but come on man–you have to know that if you make an even remotely political comment in these times you’re gonna get flamed by one of the legions of fanatical zealots on both sides who have nothing better to do than roam the net and attack people in the delusion that their flaming presents the impression that their candidate is the obvious choice.

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