Would You Like Chips With That?

I’ve been under huge stress at work, and I’ve been leaning on everyone too much. I was working on a project only to find that someone threw away what I printed (even though I left them a message that I was printing it, and please don’t throw it away).

I’m stuck at work until at least eleven, if not midnight, as a result.

I made a political comment on a blog and got flamed. It hurts. All I wanted to do was start a discussion about viewpoints and it came out wrong. I even got flamed after I said I was sorry. I am a very sensitive person and I can’t take when people lash out at me.

I have barely seen my little girl this week, and next week will be worse. I’ve barely seen my husband and we miss each other.

So I went to the convenience store and bought a big jar of queso sauce. I ate the whole jar using tortilla chips, but mostly queso. Emotional eating, anyone?