My 35th Birthday

My mom and I have a tradition of seeing each other on each of my birthdays. We only missed one year, where she and my dad came to see me but had to leave a day before my birthday because I was working as a third-shift chemist in the worst city in the Union.

So my mom drove an hour, picked up my daughter, and three generations of women had lunch at my workplace. My mom couldn’t possibly know how much this means to me. The tradition is wonderful, but the neat part to me is all of the effort to pick up Ainsley and to drive to a place she’s never driven. Mom doesn’t like to be lost but she braved the trip so I could see her and have a wonderful lunch. She even stood at the fundraising table for Light the Night with us and drummed up donations.

Mom fancies herself to be a simple person with not much to offer. What I see is a vibrant, intelligent, compassionate person who gives so much of herself to people she loves and to strangers too. She volunteers to help teach children to read and it’s not just an hour a week for her. She carries these children in her prayers all week. She’s also intelligent and insightful. I am very good at pattern recognition, but I’m only half as smart as she is at it- she can play bridge like no one else.

As I sat with Ainsley and Mom, I had one of those moments where everything else falls away. I was totally in the moment, laughing with my mom and my daughter and enjoying a meal. It was a simple lunch with no fanfare but it was perfect.

So thanks, Mom, for teaching me by your example, and giving me your compassion and giving me my life. I love you!

Facebook Killed the Blogoshpere Star

(I know I’m no star, just trying to paraphrase a quote.  Work with me here).

Now that I’m on Facebook, I have ignored blogging.  Blogging takes thought and creativity.  Facebook asks me for one-sentence updates.  Blogging demands long-winded strolls through my mind.  Facebook lets me upload a picture and no story.  Blogging says, pour yourself a cup of something and add your own thousand words to the picture.

So I’m attempting to resist the lazy urge to Facebook this pic.  Instead I’ll sum up the evening: fun family fest frolic. Mexican food followed by local apple goodies at an orchard.

If you’re interested, my kid is the littlest one on the far left.  Children’s ages are 1, 3, 1, 9, 3.

Me blog. Me forget how write good.  Me too busy.

Get Busy

Please pardon the blurry mobile phone picture. Just thought you’d like to see that little impish look. It means, “may I have that phone please?”

Usually, when a blogger disappears, it’s not a good thing. We’re usually off gaining weight, feeling depressed, or not wanting to proclaim to the world how bad things are.

I’ve been so busy that I can’t think. I’m either working, spending time with Ainsley, or logging on to work more after her bedtime. Nothing is glaringly wrong. I’m just so busy that all of the fun blog posts swirling in my head are never written.

So this post is just to say I’m not in any trouble; I’m just in high gear.

My Avatar

I’ve been using this for years. Amy and I were messing with dry ice and we colored the water blue for amusement. I always laugh at fake chemists with brightly colored solutions. Even in a wet chem lab, most solutions are colorless other than indicators.

Anyway, is my avatar my “brand” or should I update it? I mean “brand” as in Kellogg’s, not a hot iron.