Weight Loss Update

After gaining 75 pounds in 9 months, I had parked some weight-loss updates in my blog.  It’s not a dedicated weight loss blog; however, nutrition and fitness mean more to me now than ever.

I have been wanting to post about weight loss but I’ve been battling the same three pounds for at least eight weeks now.  I’ve learned that one of the indicators of defeat in a weight loss blog is when the blog writer is silent for a while.  But I have not given up and I’m redoubling my efforts.  I promise I’ll post a full update when there is a loss to report.  Before and after photos will be included!

3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

  1. An unexplained fast weight gain is often a sign of Candida weight gain– which occurs mostly in the lower part of the body (thighs, bottom, and lower abdomen). If you had antibiotics within 6 months preceding the weight gain that could have caused it. Candida- the yeast beast – makes you crave sugar and flour- bread, cake, pasta, etc – and it is insidious; I was obese for 40 years before I was lucky enough to discover the cause, and lost 186 pounds 7 years ago with no trouble keeping it off. A list of symptoms, facts about yeast, etc. are available on my website, BeautyAndTheYeastBeast.com. (caps not necessary- just easier to read.)

  2. Well, I wouldn’t call my weight loss unexplained…I was pregnant. I’m sure you were just searching for weight gain posts, but thought other readers should know!

    It’s not recommended to gain 75 pounds with a pregnancy- 30-35 are recommended. That is part of the reason I’m struggling to lose it.

    Diet and exercise, diet and exercise, chugga chugga chugga…..

  3. Aside from the obvious pregnancy, I think if it really were unexplained I’d be heading to the doctor to get a thyroid test, not buying a candida book!

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