I can’t explain it.

My job: the one I’ve dreamed of having since college.

My car: a wonderful surprise gift- the car I never thought I’d have.

My house: let’s face it, I’m living in my dream home.

My family: parents, brother, sister: check, check, check.  All are great friends.

My husband: a great dad and wonderful to me.

My daughter: you’re kidding asking this one, right? She is perfect.

My bank account: not empty.

So why the malaise?  Why the inability to move?  I feel guilty even feeling down.  I have it better than 99% of the earth’s population and here I am feeling lonely and depressed.  I just wanted to stay in bed today.  What a waste of time it is to be so sad for no good reason.  Maybe it’s because I’m overly dramatic, or maybe it’s because I’ve been in denial about my dog’s health for quite some time now.

Normally I don’t publish my whiny days on my blog but I do feel that it’s overtaking me.  I have about 30 fun posts to write but my fingers aren’t typing those.

OK.  Back to work.