I Feel the Earth! Move! Under my Feet

So I’m feeding the baby, and I hear the house creak a little, no big deal.  Then, I get the sense that the cat is getting on the back of my chair.  Except neither cat is allowed in the baby’s room, and the door is closed.   My chair starts shaking very rhythmicaly and I keep looking around for who’s doing it.

I finished feeding Ainsley, put her to bed, and checked the internet.  There were no updates about any tremors…so my irrational side took over.  I was afraid.  Yes, folks, I have an irrational fear of ghosts.  I hate this fear, but I cannot use my rational brain to overcome it.  Isn’t that ridiculous?
Luckily the local news had a breaking news story about it, so I only had to worry for about 5 minutes.  I felt like I could be one of those idiots they interview: “golly gee, I thunk it was my great uncle tellin’ me he made it to heaven okay.  Thought they only had earthquakes in California.”

OK, I’m tired and need to work.  Have a great day.

5 thoughts on “I Feel the Earth! Move! Under my Feet

  1. Me too. I don’t think that I even rolled over from the time my head hit the pillow to the time my alarm clock went off. I’m told there was an aftershock around 11:15am, but I didn’t notice that one either.

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