24 to Go

aeb-knh_before_walk_01-05-08.jpgWell, my weight seems a little stuck. Even though feeding Ainsley burns about 500 calories per day, I’ve plateaued at 24 pounds above my goal weight. I gained two pounds, if you’re keeping track. My diet is (mostly) healthful. What else can I do? I know, sawgrass diet pills and laser cellulite reduction!

No, actually, I’ll choose the exercise route. The recent cold snap was unforgiving. I have precious little free time and I do not choose to jog in the ugly cold, unable to take Ainsley due to the temperature. I just stayed home and read books to her.

However, this week has been almost balmy. I couldn’t take the stroller- too rainy. I also thought that holding a 12-pound weight could make the exercise more efficient. So I bundled my little girl into a front pack, zipped my husband’s coat over both of us, grabbed an umbrella and hit the bricks.

She didn’t seem to care one way or the other. She sucked on her toys and was pretty content. She wasn’t looking around much but the umbrella blocked most of her view. Unfortunately, she started to develop some congestion so I had to quickly turn home. She has a deviated tear duct and it’s really important that she not develop congestion or (worse) a cold- it can cause an eye infection for her.

So I had about 10 minutes of exercise. Better than zero, right?

7 thoughts on “24 to Go

  1. Wow, that’s the perfect wording: progress, not perfection.

    I’m wearing a pedometer these days, with a goal of 9,000 steps. It’s at 1,375 now and I don’t think I’ll make 9,000…but I’m eating well, and I’m hoping to go on a walk tonight, so I won’t be ruled by the numbers.

  2. I’ve been stuck as well… between Christmas, Yule, New Year’s and being sick the past week I’ve actually lost a little ground myself.

  3. Absolutely! 10 minutes is much better than nothing!

    I used to drive to get my mail. It’s a six-minute round trip when I walk. So… I’ve started to walk to get my mail. If I do it every day, that’s 36 more minutes of walking each week, 144 more minutes a month, and 1,872 more minutes of walking a year! Wow! That really IS something! So… just do what you can every day. It’ll add up!

    Your baby is adorable, by the way!

    And I really appreciate your comments on my blog. Thanks. 🙂

  4. KNH: “What else can I do?”

    Chase kids half your age around a soccer field. Each game is 60 minutes of walking/running/jogging.

    When the spring soccer season starts, I’d like to borrow that pedometer from you just to see the result after a full day wandering around work then two games in the evening.

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