Work plus Home plus Baby

I survived!

I’m back to work.  I thought I would ease into it, but I am going full speed ahead.  The first time I went to the office, I was pretty miserable and just wanted to go home and watch Ainsley take a nap.  After a couple of days, I started to really enjoy working again.

My new role means a new schedule.  I arise and feed her at 5AM, then put her back to bed until her normal wake time of 8AM.  I can scurry home early and still manage a full day’s work by working while she naps.  I only miss about 3 hours of waketime!  In the meantime, she’s receiving a great Montessori education.

I am reeely tired at the end of two days of this schedule.  However, I’m learning to power through it and I am actually functioning better than before Ainsley was born.  I know that my time for work or for housework is very limited, so I make the best of it by scurrying around like I’m on Supermarket Sweep.  I bet watching me clean is amusing.  It’s aerobic; I’m sweating and breathless by the time I’m finished.  My house is actually in better shape than it was a year ago!

Life has a different rhythm.  But it’s a fantastic challenge.

2 thoughts on “Work plus Home plus Baby

  1. That show was so stupid! My brother made me watch it. I would laugh at you if I saw you on it. 🙂 I hope you’re not tossing that much meat in your cart!

    Here’s hoping you can keep up with that schedule. It sounds very challenging.

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