Turkey Bowling

When I heard the ad for this event, I was a little repulsed.  Seriously, is this necessary?  Eat meat if you want.  Don’t be so disrespectful to creatures who die so you could eat.

I believe that God gave us dominion over the earth and all its creatures. However, with responsibility comes…well, responsibility. If I’m 16 and my parents give me the keys to the car, I have “dominion” over it, but that doesn’t mean that wrecking the gift they gave me is the right thing to do. Similarly, I feel that God gives us many gifts and that we should humbly accept them and treat them with the right amount of respect. Think about earthly gifts given to you by someone you love. You cherish them, right? If it’s a statue or trinket, it’s displayed prominently in your home, and lovingly preserved. If it’s food or concert tickets, you thoroughly enjoy the experience your loved one gave you, savoring every moment.

So why would we treat gifts from God in such a lesser fashion?

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